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Nikita Myronenko

Bar Manager and Mixologist


Nikita is an internationally experienced bartender and mixologist from Ukraine, embarked on a global journey, working in bars and restaurants across various countries. From managing a 5-star ultra-luxury island resort in Maldives Dhigali to being involved in the vibrant Dubai nightlife scene, his expertise in mixology is extensive.
With deep knowledge in the craft, Nikita has serviced and supervised high-profile events at renowned venues in Dubai, earning recognition with 18 nominations. His experience in different cultures and establishments has enriched his understanding of flavours and techniques.
Now at Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar, Nikita channels his vast expertise into creating unique and unforgettable beverages. He relishes the opportunity to connect with diverse patrons, sharing his passion for mixology and delighting them with his innovative creations.
From his global ventures to his accolades, Nikita's journey has shaped him into a remarkable bartender. Visit Uva to experience his craft firsthand and indulge in a drink that reflects his international flair and exceptional skills.
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