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Sabrine Dhaliwal

Bar Manager


Shortly after joining the team at Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar, internationally award-winning bartender Sabrine Dhaliwal took the reins as bar manager. Equipped with a strong knowledge of cocktails and an inclination toward captivating patrons’ attention from behind the bar, she has quickly established herself as an exceptional talent.


Her passion for spirits and wine is an ever-growing endeavor. As a Certified Spirit Specialist (CSS) and holder of level three Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), Sabrine is continually reading, researching and tasting to ensure her palate is in top form. With this arsenal of knowledge in her pocket, she conducts tastings and seminars with ease. Join her at the bar and enjoy your time as she eloquently shakes, stirs and tells tales of cocktails and spirits alike.

Lily Duong

Assistant Bar Manager


Assistant Bar Manager Lily Duong is a young and passionate barkeep with more than a decade of experience in the hospitality industry. Before joining the renowned team at Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar, Lily honed her skills at popular Vancouver establishments such The Teahouse in Stanley Park, Sandbar and Aburi Restaurants’ Minami and Miku.  


Always drawing strength and inspiration from her bar team, Lily handles many of the administrative tasks with ease and experience. With a keen interest in mentorship, one of Lily’s proudest career moments was helping her entire team pass the Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS) course.


Lily’s signature cocktail style is simple, classic and spirit-forward. Proud to work in a city that celebrates strong women in the industry, Lily has worked alongside revered Bar Manager Lauren Mote to create and curate a bar program that continues to make Uva one of the city’s premier cocktail and wine destinations.

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